Mission Statement

To maximize the results of Ted Consulting and our clients by working in partnership with them, our candidates and our staff to deliver effective recruitment and retention solutions.

Ted Consulting recruitment agency is about quality. We are in an enviable position as a result of our knowledge and experience gained within our sectors to match talent with opportunity.

Our consultants use the following guidelines in their commitment to delivering excellence:

  • Consultants will only work on an assignment once they have a full understanding of the specification, company culture and department fit.
  • A customized search action plan is agreed with the client. This step specifies the direction of the search.
  • Attracting suitable candidates for the position.
  • Every prospective candidate is interviewed at our office, Interviewing, psychological analysis, technical review of the knowledge and skills of the candidates.
  • The top 5 candidates together with a detailed summary are presented to the client.
  • Coordination of final interviews with the client.
  • Once the best qualified candidate has been identified, Reference check and recommendations from previous working places.
  • Consultation in the process of orientation, motivation and development of the new employees.


Depending on the position level we set a guarantee period and when certain conditions are met Ted Consulting is obliged to repeat the search free of charge.

Our fees are realistic, we work outside office hours to get the best results and only present candidates who possess the skills and experience you have requested.