Banks accounts in Bulgaria are available to both residents and non-residents and can be held in Leva , Euros, or an international currency. Both current and savings accounts are available. Most international banks have branches in the bigger cities; Commercial banks provide a full range of banking services.

To open a bank account in Bulgaria the customer will need to provide proof of identity, they will also need to sign an application form, according to the specific requirements of the bank and deposit some money in to the account.

Ted-consulting is offering bank account opening services and provides:

Our Services:

  • Opening of a Personal Bank Account.
  • Opening of a Company Bank Account.
  • Manage petty cash book.
  • Manage bank transactions.
  • Preparation and submission of payment documents for the funds of social insurance, health insurance, income tax, other taxes and charges, invoices and company expenses.

Once a bank account has been opened it is possible to:

  • Deposit and withdraw money.
  • Receive and order money transfers.
  • Receive payments.
  • Order automatic transfers for other accounts held in the same bank, for example mortgage installments.
  • E-Banking for the Business – online banking services and obtains debit cards.
  • Obtain an overdraft facility, depending on the type of account held.
  • Pay taxes, fees and bills.